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Words become Virtual Reality

Dieses Thema im Forum "Virtuelles Köln" wurde erstellt von Pompeji Papp, 14. Juni 2013.

  1. Pompeji Papp

    Pompeji Papp Aktiver Nutzer

    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Once upon time an author had the idea to create a fantastic science fiction world and
    he started a book and at the same time a project. His idea was that not only he wanted
    to create this world but anybody could add his ideas to it. So he wrote the first
    Storybook and set the physical limits of this new created world and MYGNIA was born.
    Once upon a time there was a organiser of cultural and art events in a virtual world and
    he invited the author for a reading about this world. And he was fascinated of what he
    has heard about it. Being familiar with virtual worlds he thaught that this project needs
    to become visible and both, the author and the creative met. And that was the the hour
    of birth of the virtual 3D project


    With the generous support of the makers and responsibles of the Metaverse of AVINATION it
    is our pleasure to present the first part of the Mygnia project to the public.

    For that reason we invite all of you to a Grand Opening Party at June, 15th.
    Starting at 20:00 CET, 11 am pdt, no one less than the author himself, Karl Olsberg, will read
    from the Mygnia Books „Mygnia. Die Entdeckung“ and „Mygnia. Die Stadt des Windes“.
    Unfortunately for the english speaking community the readings will be in german language.

    After the reading Karl and zaphod Enoch (the Sim Owner) are ready to give background
    information about the project MYGNIA and try to answer questions.
    Later at 21 CET, 12 pm pdt, we proudly present Torben Asp for the musical part of the event.
    Torben Asp welknown musician in real life as in the virtual worlds with his ambient music.
    And in the virtual worlds he supports his music with a fantastic light show.

    Torben plays Live and invariably own compositions.
    Come on over and feel free to discover the mysterious world of MYGNIA.

    TAXI: http://avnurl.com/avination/Mygnia/172/123/36


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